Principal's Message

Dear Mt. Taylor Families,

The District reentry plan specifies "All classes are online using Google Classroom." Our fulfillment of that requirement at Mt. Taylor Elementary necessitates that we have consistency in: how we are connecting to the home; how we are taking attendance; how instruction is delivered and how student work is turned in.

Going forward, all instruction between teachers and their students is expected to take place in the Google Classroom environment. Students and parents attending school in the Grants-Cibola County District, and in particular, Mt. Taylor Elementary can expect the following:

1. Teachers will utilize the google platform for the classroom environment, and google meet for live instruction with their students. [zoom as a back-up if Google Meet fails.]

2. Daily attendance in the homeroom will be taken and posted by 8:30 a.m. Class attendance for pull-out and resource teachers will be taken at their scheduled time.

3. The expectation for students to avoid being marked absent is a login by the student/parent to the teacher's google classroom meet, and for the student to remain in the live meet visually, or via audio until dismissed by the teacher.

4. Class-dojo and other methods such as a call or text from a parent, or an email are "crash plan" measures. These are not to be our primary means of checking in or submitting assignments.

5. All classroom teachers, resource teachers and pull-out teachers will be audio/visually/chat available to all of their students during all scheduled instruction periods through Google classroom meet. [zoom as a back-up]

6. Teachers will deliver daily* live instructional sessions to their students through Google classroom meet [zoom as a back-up] for each content area that they are responsible for. [*Wednesday follow flex schedule]

Families and students who have persistent challenges with connectivity or access to devices are being identified or re-identified so that District resources can be deployed to solve those issues. That said, the majority of those issues have been addressed and we need to make sure students and parents are getting comfortable with using the google classroom platform.

We understand how difficult these changes have been for everyone, and appreciate the spirit of cooperation that so many of you have displayed through these first days. Providing a safe and effective alternative to classroom learning is the goal, and we have made huge gains toward reaching that goal. Together we will get better and better.

We extend our genuine gratitude for your faithful and courageous support of your students, our teachers and our school.

Very Respectfully,

Steven Lang

Reentry Guide Grants Cibola County School District 7-15-2020.pdf

Grants Cibola County Schools 2020 Reentry Plan

Click on the image to view the Back to School Reentry Guide for Grants Cibola County Schools.

Chromebooks have been orderd but not received for our site yet. As soon as we receive them, we will be in contact with you to pick them up. Please make sure you have filled out the Agreement Form for Laptop Use.

The Grants Cibola County School District has committed to provide a Chromebook for every student in the district. We need an Agreement Form from every student before receiving the school issued device. Click on the link below to fill out the digital form for each child that will attend Mt. Taylor Elementary this year. You will receive a phone call from the school with the scheduled pick up dates and times.

If your child attended a school in Grants Cibola County Schools last year, he/she has been rolled over to the next grade level. A re-enrollment window will soon be set and announced for returning student records update and completion and submission of forms.

If your child is new to the district, please click above to access the preregistration form.