Academic Schedule

Mt. Taylor Elementary Academic Delivery Structure

Our objective is to create a framework for engaging students and teachers in exceptional learning opportunities each day. We have sought to make a schedule that permits smooth transition between the distance learning model and a hybrid or full classroom model. Our plan recognizes the vital need to support parents as partners in this non-traditional approach. We have put in place a schedule firm enough to ensure that rigorous education can be faithfully delivered, yet flexible enough to accommodate the challenges of the current health situation in our State. Families and schools will have to work together, perhaps more closely than ever before.

As we grow more and more successful in dealing with the challenges of distance and hybrid model learning we can revisit the specifics laid out in the schedule that follows.

Specific grade level schedules may reflect slight variations to the following:

Monday - Friday Academic and Classroom Schedule

8:00-8:30 - Reach the Teacher time Q&A, Grade checks, Issues; 8:15 morning attendance

8:30-10:00 - ELA or Math, SPED Instruction block

10:00-11:00 - Instruction window for Pull-outs, Soc. Studies, Science, Small groups, Discussion boards, Guided practice

11:00-12:30 - Lunch/Recess [50 minute minimum] Balance available for reading, SEL, or pull-outs

12:30-1:00 - Reach the Teacher time Q&A, Grade checks, issues; 1:00 afternoon attendance

1:00-2:30 - ELA or Math, SPED Instruction block

2:30-3:00 - Reach the Teacher time Q&A, Grade checks, Issues

3:00-3-15 - Documentation, Final checks


Attendance will be taken by homeroom teachers at both 8:15 and 1:00.

Pull-out and Resource teachers will take their own class attendance.

Students will receive a half day absence for failure to join either morning or afternoon instruction.

Attendance policies and procedures remain consistent as per handbook.

Calls will be made to home if a student is absent from any instructional session. Tardiness and/or truancy will result in: 3, 5, 10 Day Letters for accruing absences; Attendance Contracts or measures in accordance with District policy or State Statutes.

Pull-outs may be 30-45 Minutes as structured by Grade Level and Specials teacher collaboration.

This schedule affords parents and students adequate availability to the teacher during the school day for resolving problems, getting assistance with using the online tools, or help with directions for assignments. If parents or students have questions outside the school day they can always email or use another messaging tool to get their concern to the teacher. Teachers will respond to all requests inside the next working day.

Block Scheduled Daily Standard

  • A.M. & P.M.attendance with classroom teacher

  • SPED Resource Instruction/Supports per IEPs

  • 180 minutes of Instruction ELA/Math focus

  • Three - 30 minute windows for school-home communication

  • 45-60 minutes for teacher prep / grading /documentation

  • 50-60 minute (determined by grade level) Lunch/Recess for students

  • 45-60 minutes Science and Social Studies

Flex Scheduled Periodically Throughout the Week

  • Art, Music, PE, Lab, Library pull-outs with attendance accountability

  • A.M. & P.M. Progress check with teacher

  • Scheduled Interventions / Guided Practice

  • Assigned Web-based programs (Lexia, Zearn, iStation, IXL)

  • Social Emotional Learning with Counselors

  • Project based learning activities

  • Prescribed assessments as called for

  • Collaborations

  • PLCs and Grade level planning